Whip Paddle

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The Whip stays true to its name by delivering unmatched speed and power. The aerodynamic channel and edgeless design reduce weight and drag. The 13mm core and elongated shape deliver incredible pop for fast hitting drives. Aggressive intermediate and advanced players will have the paddle that takes their game to the next level. 

The Whip model is available in 2 designs.

*As is with all thermoformed paddles, edge guard tape is recommended to keep the edges looking brand new.


  • Aerodynamic Channel
  • Edgeless Design
  • 13mm Polypropylene Core
  • Vox-Grit Spin Surface
  • Carbon Fiber Face
  • Thick Ribbed Grip
Style: Black Minimal

Pickup available at 2802 Cessna Street

Usually ready in 2 hours


HEIGHT: 415 mm

WIDTH: 189 mm

WEIGHT: 225 grams

CORE: 13mm polypropylene

FACE: Frosted carbon fiber (FCF)

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate to Pro

Designed to Perform

Each of our paddle models are designed to have a specific blend of power, spin, and control to ensure optimal performance for your style of play.

Seamless Edge Design
Aerodynamic Channel
Vox-Grit Spin Surface

More Power & Control

Premium Components

No expenses are spared in our manufacturing process. Building industry leading paddles requires premium materials and rigorous testing. You play your best when you can trust your gear. That's why Voxl paddles are becoming players' last paddle purchase.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Brittany Andersen
Exciting new paddle!

Super excited to keep playing with my new paddle. Fun look. Love the texture, feels extra grippy. My previous paddle was the Selkirk, Epic. I'm really enjoying how thin and easy it's feeling to maneuver. Didn't think the previous paddle felt bulky until trying the Voxl.

Strong Paddle - Advanced Users

I recently got into the game a few months ago with a tennis background. Started playing with a cheaper Striker paddle and started testing other players paddles. The Whip took my game to the next level.

The Voxl Whip is a solid paddle for advanced players. If you’re looking to increase the pace of your game, this guy will do just that. The power on this is solid and has a great textured surface to add spin. It requires a little more finesse for deeper dink shots to the kitchen but when you’re at the kitchen is where the control from this paddle comes into play. I’d say the Whip is comparable to the Selkirk Vanguard Power Air paddle but saves you some serious $$$.

My only complaint about the paddle is the grip. The grip was a little rigid and didn’t fit well in my hands so I swapped it out with a $12 Lizard Skin pickleball grip from my local sporting goods store which made the paddle 10/10.

Sherdon W Cordova
Tennis Elbow

The whip paddle is awesome. My recovering tennis elbow likes the weight and feel of this paddle. I am can play earlier, longer with less side effects than my paddletec.

Style & Substance

I got the Grey Minimal, and it was anything but "Minimal" in terms of style and play. Besides it looking very cool and unique, the Whip paddle helped me control my shots in a way that I wasn't expecting. I have a tendancy to overpower some shots and I feel like the Whip somehow helped me control and balance out my swing. I also like the edgless surface, which makes my curve shots feel better to me. 10/10 would buy again! I'm just looking for more colors and styles in the future!

Nahme Chokeir
Great paddle!

I am really enjoying it. I love the weight distribution and the amount of speed and spin I can put on the ball. Voxl delivered!